How customer communication needs and expectations have changed

Over the last decade, the ways in which businesses communicate with their customers and the expectations of said customers have changed significantly

Over the last decade, the ways in which businesses communicate with their customers and the expectations of said customers have changed significantly.


Increased reliance on the internet 

Our reliance on the internet has resulted in email becoming the current preferred method of communication enabling the customer to read and respond at a time that suits them. 

In more latter years there has also been a significant increase in customers using social media platforms to communicate with businesses and this is expected to continue to rise. Businesses have therefore had to adapt and alter their customer service procedures to ensure long term sustainability. 


The need for immediacy 

As a result of the increased use of internet based communication, customer’s expectations of an immediate response have increased. In the past, customers expected businesses opening hours to be Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, but with social media being ‘open’ 24/7 an immediate response is anticipated, in fact over 40%* of customers expect a query to be responded to within an hour, even on weekends*.


Self-service portals 

Reliance on the internet and higher levels of immediacy have led to industries offering self-service approaches to customer enquiries. Around 90%** of customers expect a company to have an online portal and prefer this method of contacting a customer service department, either via email or phone. 

An online customer portal provides a one-stop space for customers to create and manage their orders, review documents and find answers to their questions. It provides all the information to the customer in an organised and logical fashion giving them a sense of control.


Mobile friendly experience 

Living in an age when virtually everyone has a smartphone it has become vital that websites are mobile responsive and user friendly particularly when you consider that 57%*** of customers won’t recommend a business if the website isn’t mobile friendly, affecting not only relationships with existing customers but potential prospects as well.


How Westone Housing has adapted and continues to adapt to meet customer requirements 

Here at Westone Housing we are regularly evolving our approaches to meet our customers changing requirements: 

  1. We communicate with customers solely via email unless otherwise specified
  2. We make frequent communications with customers ensuring they are always kept up to date
  3. We offer an online customer portal enabling customers to access information themselves at a time that suits them
  4. Our website is mobile friendly
  5. We regularly ask for feedback from customers which is internally analysed and used to make future decisions 


If you need to speak to Westone Housing about your property? 

Call 01733 320500 or visit www.westone.uk.com


*Edelman Digital 2019