Loft Conversions

Loft conversions, a great way to create affordable additional space in a highly desirable area

With house prices in high value areas continuing to increase to record highs, coupled with an uncertain economy and a national housing crisis, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice with property owners requiring additional living space to stay where they are and make the most of any unused available areas in their existing homes.

Loft conversions are an attractive option for homeowners wanting to gain additional space in their existing property. When you consider the difference in price between two and three bedroomed properties in the same area, often amounting to tens of thousands, loft conversions are a progressively savvy option of increasing both the size and value of an existing property.

The benefits of choosing a loft conversion

1. Make the most of unused space
Converting the unused space in your loft can create a room that can become the largest in the house. It offers the opportunity to expand your floor space considerably, making it an ideal solution for growing families in need of more habitable living areas within their existing properties. Also, with the ever increasing trend of people now working from their homes, it can provide a working environment that remains separate from the communal living areas of the property. This enables a more healthy work/social balance within the habitat for those having to both work and live there.

2. It’s an investment, not an expense
A loft conversion can not only satisfy your need for additional space but depending on the area and the finish of the conversion we estimate, on average, an increase of at least 20% to the value of your home. We would therefore urge you to think of a loft conversion as more of a long-term investment rather than a short-term expense.

3. Avoid the high costs of moving
A loft conversion circumvents all of the high costs of moving house, not just in respect of an increased mortgage commitment but also mitigating the added expenses of removal firms, estate agent fees, solicitor costs and potential stamp duty.

4. Maximise the amount of natural light
Thanks to the height, positioning and angling of the windows in a loft conversion the space itself can be wonderfully and naturally lit, creating a room that is bright, inviting and full of ambiance and character.

In summary, with an uncertain economy and housing market, investing in a loft conversion can satisfy your need for more space today and increase the value of your home tomorrow.

Seeking expert advice?

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