Preventing and protecting your property from fire

With fire and rescue services attending to 170,519 fires* across England alone last year it’s in everyone’s best interests to consider property fire prevention and protection.

Fire prevention

The proactive approach to fire prevention is the completion of risk assessments following regular inspections. A risk assessment is a systematic process of evaluating the level of fire risk to a property. It involves identifying hazards and weak areas that make your property susceptible to fire, considering the risk level and determining the appropriate way to eliminate or control it so that you improve the chances of remaining fire-free.

Fire protection

Fire protection is a combination of different fire safety equipment that you choose to implement into your property to protect it and also the people within should a fire occur. 

  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors

Fitting fire alarms and smoke detectors is so easy to do and can provide vital time in order to react in the event of a fire taking place.

  • Handheld fire extinguishers

A simple addition to any property and yet it may provide the opportunity to put out a small fire and to keep it from developing into a blaze. It is important however to ensure you select the right kind of fire extinguisher as there are many varying models for different types of fire.

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinkler systems react automatically when triggered by an extreme temperature. They can reduce the damage to the property by dousing growing flames before the fire service arrives.

  • Ceiling and wall protection

Using fire retardant and resistant wall and ceiling paints can provide approximately an hour of valuable protection against fire.

  • Fire doors

Fitting fire doors can help prevent the spread of fire throughout your property. We would always recommend getting a specialist to carry out the work on your behalf, as to perform correctly they must be properly fitted by a professional. Once installed always remember not to prop them open, for fire doors to work effectively they must be kept closed at all times.

  • Fire resistant glass

Fire resistant glass is specialist glass that has been proven to provide a period of fire protection, the level depends on the type of glass used but all glass of this type will help prevent the spread of flames and smoke should a fire take place. 

  • Fire seals

Fire seals provide a simple and yet effective solution to sealing gaps to compartmentalise a property, thus restricting the spread of fire.

  • .Fire barrier systems

Fire barrier systems prevent the spread of fire in lofts and ceiling voids by closing up concealed areas and preventing the spread of fire. The barriers must be located and fixed correctly and it is therefore advisable to consult a specialist for the installation.

Seeking expert advice?

If you need advice with regards to fire prevention and protection in your property consult specialists, Westone Housing on 01733 320500 or visit www.westonehousing.co.uk

*Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics September 2017