Is your property at risk from fire this Christmas?

Follow our simple Christmas fire safety tips to ensure your property and the people within it are kept safe during this festive period.

Fire safety in the home is always important, but over Christmas the risk of a house fire is significantly increased with the prospect of residents using additional electrical items and having naked flames throughout the home.

Follow our simple Christmas fire safety tips to ensure your property and the people within it are kept safe during this festive period.

Top tips for fire safety this Christmas

  • Test your smoke alarm. With the increased risk of a fire make time to test your smoke alarm batteries are present and working.
  • Real Christmas trees tips. If you have decided upon a real Christmas tree, always purchase a freshly cut one and keep it well-watered, a tree that has been left to dry out will be extremely flammable.
  • Christmas decoration safety. Always consider the positioning of any decorations and ensure they are not in close proximity to ignition sources and where possible space them out as much as possible to avoid fire spreading.
  • Christmas lights advice. Before putting any Christmas lights up check the cables and discard any that have signs of wear and tear. Once you have fitted your Christmas lights always switch them off and unplug them at the socket before leaving the house and also at night before going to bed.
  • Candle care. Never leave candles unattended and always keep paper decorations, cards, Christmas trees and any other flammable materials a safe distance away to avoid them catching alight.
  • Keep outdoor electrics safe. Always use an RCD (residual current device) on outdoor Christmas decorations that are electrical. This device instantly switches off the power supply if there is a fault. You can purchase an RCD at most DIY stores and they are relatively inexpensive making them recommended safety devices that really can save lives.
  • Chimney maintenance. If your property has a wood burner or an open fire make sure the chimney has been swept by a professional and always keep flammable materials a safe distance away. Check to make sure your carbon monoxide alarm is working and position high up in the same room as the fire itself, this device can and has saved lives.

If you have an open fire you may wish to consider investing in a fire guard to create a barrier not just between decorations and the fire but also for the safety of pets and small children.

  • Socket use. Never overload extension leads and sockets and switch them off when not in use.
  • Festive cooking dangers. Never leave cooking unattended, the majority of house fires start in the kitchen.

Need some expert advice?

If you require some expert advice around fire safety in the home contact specialists Westone Housing on 01733 320500 or visit www.westone.uk.com

From all of us at Westone Housing we wish you a wonderful and safe Christmas.